About us

PAUL F NICKERSON has been head tutor at GTS since 1998. Since then, he has taught hundreds of students. From the outset, it was obvious students wanted to know how to play songs, and so on this basis the tuition service began. He has taught songs by everyone from The Beatles to Metallica. Jazz, blues, punk, country, bluegrass and classical are just some of the genres that Paul has covered in the course of the first few years of the business.

As the service matured, Paul began assisting HSC music students through their final year of study, culminating in the accompaniment of students at their final recitals. He has to date provided this particular tuition and mentoring service for dozens of nervous HSC students, and their performances and their marks have been enhanced as result. Paul continues to work with the music staff at several local high schools as part of this process, and teaches at the Hunter Valley Performing Arts High in Newcastle. Read more about this in our HSC page.

Paul is not just a tutor. He is a singer, guitarist and song-writer with his band Driver Eight. He regularly records and performs his music to a growing audience (check out the band at www.myspace.com/paulfnickersonanddrivereight). His world is music and his teaching is based on what he has taken from this musical world.

DANIEL HUISH is Paulís assistant tutor and has, in the short time heís been with GTS, amassed a solid and growing group of students around him. Daniel is particularly good with kids, although his uncommon maturity and quality as a musician has seen him capably tutor folks from all ages and from all walks of life. Daniel has his own very fine funk-rock band, called Velvet Mojo (www.myspace.com/velvetmojo).

GRETEL LINICH is Paulís second assistant tutor and will be coming on-board within the year, that is, by June of 2008. Gretel will specialise in teaching the youngsters, from 5 to 12 years. She graduated St Francis Xavier College in Newcastle in 2007, doing remarkably well in music, and has a passionate love of, and very great talent for, music and the guitar. Gretel loves children; she is one of those people to whom the nurturing and education of young kids is not just a natural, but an essential, thing. Kids flock to her.

So, GTS is staffed by professional musicians and teachers either in the music business or about to enter it. This fact means that we are all in touch with the music and musical issues relevant to young kids, teenagers, young adults, mature adults and retirees. That is, everyone! Pick up the phone or click the keyboard a couple of times to find out more!