At GTS we have been tutoring and mentoring Higher School Certificate music students through their final two years of study since we began back in 1998. Whether theyíre attending a public or private school, a secular or religious school, weíve taken them through what can be a stressful time.

We like to take quite a pro-active role with the HSC kids. We help them with compositions, viva-voce (speeches and multi-media presentations), recording, notation and we actually accompany students through their recitals (only at the student's request, but we find most students get great comfort in the recital room if their tutor is sitting and playing beside them). We also make it our business to get in touch with the music staff at the studentís school in order to get feedback as to the studentís progress at the school. We are already familiar with several of the music staffs around the Hunter.

In year 11, the students find that they are introduced to concepts of music not previously studied, like texture, structure and pitch material. We reinforce the students understanding of these concepts and others like dynamics and expressive techniques and tone colour. The understanding of these things is pivotal to getting the very good grades that parents and students are looking for when they take up private tuition.

In year 12, the study of these concepts becomes more intense and it is our role to expand on what the kids are taught at school, and to supplement their resources. Everything becomes more elaborate and time seems to press on them more and at GTS we also see our role as getting things done ahead of time. A student's organizational skills can be somewhat lacking sometimes and we help out there too.

As far as recordings are concerned, GTS makes digital recording available to all students, and, using our very fine instruments (including a Gibson CF-100 acoustic guitar valued in the thousands) students will find they can record easily with outstanding results.

So for that extra, vital assistance thatís needed to successfully get through higher music studies, call us and book a lesson.