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GTS Newcastle Guitar Tuition has been taking students through the eye-opening experience of musical education since 1998. During that time we have made guitarists, and then fully-rounded musicians, of people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The scope of the tuition is broad and includes great personal one-on-one lessons, serious student resources, and digital recording; help with recitals and auditions, and advice on purchasing and maintaining instruments are just some of the benefits of enrolling at GTS.

The tuition is entirely song-based, or based on pieces in the case of students of classical guitar. There is no dry teaching of scales, theory, or anything else. These and all other conceivable musical topics are, of course, dealt with, but within the context of written pieces of music. At GTS there are always songs to be played.

All your questions are answered, all your musical desires and whims are catered for at GTS, whether you?e a struggling HSC music student, a youngster with a brand new shiny half-scale guitar or a retiree or office worker or plumber, wanting to finally achieve the musical goals that have been in your sights for years. It is all really just a phone call or a few taps of the keyboard away!


To email Guitar Tuition Services, simply click on the email address below, and send an enquiry through to us. Please include your name and contact details if you would like information posted to you.



Ph: 4969 3281
Mob: 0413 730 915