GTS has been teaching kids as young as 6 almost from the outset of the service a decade ago. Since then, the little ones have come in and sat down for lessons with their brothers and sisters beside them, and/or with their mum or dad (or both) in the room. It is natural, of course, for them to have someone else familiar with them as they get used to the musical fun that is their lessons. After just a little while, though, the kids become more than happy to romp in by themselves and sit up and pay attention for the time they are here.

For kids under 10, a half-hour lesson is usually what works. Kids are as different to each other as are adults, however, and some of them are happy to take hour-long lessons and still don’t want to go home at the end. Others, though, find that a nice little half-hour on the guitar is enough to get their minds ticking over musically for the week. Kids older than ten usually do want an hour-long guitar lesson.

When the young ones come here they find that we’re teaching them how to play their favourite songs within the first few lessons. This is a real buzz for them. For one thing, they can show off to their friends and this is naturally of vital importance to a budding young musician.

Moreover, they also soon become exposed to the kind of musical teaching that you would expect from the musical components of their formal schooling. We follow the basic principles of early childhood musical education, wherein the focus is on making a lot of noise and focusing on very obvious rhythmic music, and simple sing-song melodies. We find that things like the theme from The Simpsons and the Harry Potter movies really get them on the guitar and exercising their emerging skills.

We also find that after a while, certain children develop particularly quickly and these kids move up to more serious songs, more concentrated tuition and more elaborate techniques. There is very good, very fun-filled tuition for young kids at GTS, but there is no ceiling. That is, as soon as a child starts playing like an adult, they get educated as an adult, be they of whatever age.

Naturally, kids have total access to associated GTS services like recording, tabbing and scoring, and our massive paper and on-line resource library. One last thing: they often love having lessons with their siblings, so if you have a whole brood of young ones with itchy guitar fingers, they can come in on group lessons which work out to great value for parents. The GTS tutors have become expert at sorting out who goes first – we usually draw straws, and fighting has never been a problem! Call us today…